Why Women of Joy

It's an adventure with a Purpose

Why Women of Joy

The Adventure begins with Great anticipation and a Road Trip.

We’re all in this together! So, you’ve got your girl friends on board to share this adventure with - a road trip to rejuvenation if you will. Here's the reality of what we do: It’s fun. It’s fulfilling. It’s a weekend you won’t forget.

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The Adventure has benefits!

Finally! It’s time for your Women of Joy weekend.

Bible in hand, a journal for some frantic note taking, and a caffeine source to keep you wide-eyed for an experience like no other, now you’re ready for Women of Joy!

Be prepared for an overload of advice and Godly counsel. Being at Women of Joy is like drinking from a fire hydrant of wisdom and knowledge. You won’t be disappointed.

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Featuring Excellence and Fun wrapped in one.

• You’ll hear the best of the best in Christian music artists and speakers.

• Bible scholars with incomparable wisdom will teach, preach and show us how the Word of God applies to our every day lives.

• Prepare your heart for laughter as you listen, fun as you’re refreshed and loads of memories amidst your sisters in Christ who are doing life every day just like you.

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The Women of Joy difference

• The Bible First: Women of Joy is fully focused Bible-based teaching and worship. No need to worry about the content that you will hear. Women of Joy is a Christian conference first and a Women’s conference second.

• The all-in-one package: Women of Joy lodging packages make planning easier than ever. Whether you bring two people or a group of 100, we have a package that fits your needs. Book your own lodging for the trip, or take advantage of our convenient lodging + conference packages.

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Expect More from Women of Joy.

At Women of Joy, we work to give you what you deserve - the best. You work hard, so we work hard for you. We pray you can see the love that Women of Joy is based on - the love we have for you and the love Jesus has for us all. Let the adventure begin…

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