Frequently Asked Questions

Having fun at the conference

How do I get more Women of Joy brochures to hand out?

If you would like more Women of Joy brochures, request them for free by calling 256-355-1554, or use our online request form...

Request Brochures:Rise Up

Request Brochures:You Are Not Alone

Is Women of Joy associated with a denomination?

Women of Joy is nondenominational, with the commitment to reaching women of all backgrounds.

Are there any meals provided at Women of Joy conferences?

There are no meals provided by Women of Joy. Food vendors that are associated with the convention center are often open during the conference.

Do you provide transportation to and from the Women of Joy conferences?

Transportation is not provided to and from the conference; however, sometimes hotels offer shuttles to and from the convention center and airport location. You can contact your hotel for more information.

Is childcare provided at Women of Joy?

Childcare is not provided at the Women of Joy.

Is there a separate price for children to attend the  Women of Joy conference?

Everyone 4 and older must purchase a registration. Ages 4-6 are half price. Ages 7 and older are full price.

Is there an age limit for the women of Joy conference?

There is no age limit for our conferences; however, we ask that you are considerate of the other women attending the conference. We suggest that if you have to bring along any children that you sit on the end of an aisle for easy to leave access in case your child becomes disruptive.

Can I be seated in a certain section/row/seat based on my seating requests?

All seating is on a first-come, first-serve basis. We want you and your group to have the best possible seating and suggest that you get in line as soon as possible. Doors always open no later than one hour prior to each session.

Can you Make birthday announcements at Women of Joy?

We love that you choose to celebrate your birthday at Women of Joy; however, due to time constraints, we cannot make birthday, anniversary, or other personalized announcements. Tag us in your photos on social media, and we’ll be happy to celebrate with you by re-tweeting and re-posting about your celebration!

Can I include the Women of Joy logo on T-shirts I make myself?

We appreciate your enthusiasm for Women of Joy; however, the Women of Joy logo is a registered trademark which cannot be used without a license.

Are scholarships available to attend Women of Joy?

Women of Joy partners with local women’s ministries (women’s shelters, human trafficking rescue, etc.) to provide group scholarships. At this time, individual scholarships are not available.

Do you provide refunds for registrations that I've already purchased?

The cancellation policy for Women of Joy is available upon request and on Click this link to download a PDF.

Cancellation Policy

How do I retrieve my personal items that I lost at Women of Joy?

If you lost personal items at Women of Joy, please contact the convention center’s lost and found or our office at 256-355-1554.

How can I volunteer with Women of Joy?

At this time Women of Joy does not have a need for additional volunteers.

How do I find out about corporate sponsorship?

To find out about corporate sponsorship, you can email

Does Women of Joy allow outside vendors and exhibitors to have booth space at the conferences?

Women of Joy does not allow outside vendors/exhibitors booth space at our conferences at this time. We reserve booth space for our speakers, artists and full-time sponsors.

What do I do If I want to become a Women of Joy speaker?

Women of Joy speakers are booked years in advance. Our speaker roster is currently full, so we are not accepting applications for speakers.

How do I contact the women of Joy Speakers or musical guests?

Most of the Speakers for Women of Joy include their contact information on their personal web sites. Feel free to visit their sites for any contact information you desire.