2018 Rescued Tour

WOJ 2018 Theme: Rescued

When we go through dark times...


The theme for Women of Joy 2018 is “Rescued.” As we considered ideas and looked to God’s Word, we were moved by Psalm 18. David’s song to the Lord paints a beautiful picture of God’s passionate pursuit to rescue him from his enemies and Saul.

Through violence, conflict, and the fear gripping David’s heart, God pursued him and, at just the right moment, reached down to pull him from despair.

WOJ 2018 Verse: Rescued

"Rescued" reminds us of the hope we have in Christ, our rescuer.

Our lives are like that too. Fear, pain, loss, division, hopelessness—they wreak havoc on our lives, our health, and our faith. “Rescued” is a reminder of the hope we have in Christ, the One who rescued us from our sins, and the future He wants to give us. He will come to our rescue!

Join thousands of women in 2018 as we dive deep into God’s word with amazing Bible teaching and inspiring worship.

WOJ 2018 Statement: Rescued

Do you know what it feels like to be rescued?

Think of the women in your life—mothers, daughters, friends old and new who could use time away to be with a family of like-minded women. Women of Joy is just that—a diverse family of women united by faith.

WOJ 2018 Statement: Rescued

Let's seek more of Him together

Let’s seek more of Him together. We hope to see you in 2018!

1. Chose your favorite speaker, date, and location.

2.  Call your friends or group leader.

3. Show up with your Bible, a cup of coffee, and a teachable spirit.

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