2017 Immeasurably More Tour

WOJ 2017 Theme: Immeasurably More

You were created
for more—
Immeasurably More!

Don’t settle. There is always more.

The Women of Joy theme for 2017 “IMMEASURABLY MORE” will remind you of the power of Christ that lives within you—his gift to us!

Ministry leaders and church groups, mothers and daughters, longtime friends, new friends, and women who have yet to give their hearts to Christ are invited to come to Women of Joy, where women can discover this gift.

WOJ 2017 Statement: Immeasurably More

Immeasurably More is all about living the God-given life we can't even imagine.

Sometimes women live in defeat, fear, and depression. Unfortunately, anxiety has become a household word.

We all end up falling to exhaustion, giving up, and settling for what we think is a normal walk with Christ—unfulfilled and longing for more.

It’s time to stop living defeated, and find there is more to your life than you ever imagined!

Join thousands of women in 2017 as we dive deep into God’s word with amazing Bible teaching and inspiring worship.

WOJ 2017 Verse: Immeasurably More

Come see what happens when thousands of women allow God to fill them up with Immeasurably More of Him!

1. Chose your favorite speaker, date, and location.

2.  Call your friends or group leader.

3. Show up with your Bible, a cup of coffee, and a teachable spirit.

WOJ 2017 Steps: Immeasurably More

WOJ 2017 Flower: Immeasurably More